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Düsseldorf Student Services are the strong partner students need so that they can concentrate fully and entirely on their studies. Düsseldorf Student Services are responsible for the support of approximately 60,000 students in issues of finances, health, culture and social services at the four Düsseldorf universities and the University of Applied Sciences on the lower Rhine and Mönchengladbach as well as the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. Düsseldorf Student Services offer a number of services to simplify a student’s life.

Student Housing

There are 25 residences in Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Mönchengladbach, Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort to provide modern and inexpensive housing for approximately 4,000 students. New student residences are planned/being built at the newly-founded University Rhine-Waal in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort.

The rents for student housing are, on the average, more than a third lower than on the free housing market.

Anyone can live in student housing who is enrolled at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf, the Robert Schumann School of Music and Media, the University of Applied Sciences on the lower Rhine or the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

The broad portfolio of student housing ranges from single rooms and apartments to shared suites and family residences for students with children. In some of the housing complexes there are barrier-free apartments, convenient for people with disabilities.

Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Student Services)
Studentisches Wohnen (student housing)
Tel: +49 211 81-13286

Dining Facilities

Student Services offer a variety of contemporary food and drinks in the dining halls, cafeterias or bistros, as well as in the restaurant. The dining facilities make every effort to satisfy guests’ needs and desires.

While the classic student dining hall has its emphasis on warm midday meals, the cafeterias offer a diverse range of sweet and savory snacks and small meals, as well as a large choice of warm or refreshing beverages.

Campus dining – an important component of university life

Campus dining is an important component of university life, not only because delicious meals are available for low prices, but also because it provides a social meeting place for students. Whether during the lunch break or while having coffee in between, you can have something to eat and drink, meet people, hear the latest news and experience much more.

The opportunity to eat with other people in a pleasant atmosphere lures approximately 12,000 guests daily to the Student Services dining facilities.

Students, employees of the universities and guests can take advantage of widely diversified dining options in Düsseldorf, Krefeld and Mönchengladbach.

  • Dining facilities in Düsseldorf
    Mensa Universitätsstraße (student dining hall Universitätsstraße)
    Essensausgabe Süd (Food Service South)
    “campus vita”
    Cafeteria Bistro “Uno”
    Bar Café Bistro “EX LIBRIS”
    Cafeteria “Philosophische Fakultät(faculty of philosophy cafeteria)
    Cafeteria Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche  Fakultät (faculty of mathematics and natural sciences cafeteria)
    Cafeteria Medizinische Fakultät (medical faculty cafeteria)
    Mensa/Cafeteria Georg-Glock-Straße (student dining hall/cafeteria Georg-Glock-Straße)
    Mensa/Cafeteria Eiskellerstraße (student dining hall/cafeteria Eiskellerstraße)
    Cafeteria Robert-Schumann-Hochschule (Robert Schumann School of Music and Media cafeteria)
  • Dining facilities in Krefeld und Mönchengladbach
    Mensa/Cafeteria Obergath, Krefeld (student dining hall/cafeteria Obergath, Krefeld)
    Mensa/Cafeteria Frankenring, Krefeld (student dining hall/cafeteria Frankenring, Krefeld)
    Mensa/Cafeteria Rheydter Straße, Mönchengladbach (student dining hall/cafeteria Rheydter Straße, Mönchengladbach)
  • Dining facilities in Kleveund Kamp-Lintfort
    Mensa/Cafeteria Kleve Sommerdeich, Kleve (student dining hall/cafeteria Kleve Sommerdeich, Kleve)
    Mensa/Cafeteria Kleve Friedrich-Heine-Allee, Kleve (student dining hall/cafeteria Friedrich-Heine-Allee, Kamp-Lintfort)

Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Student Services)
Hochschulgastronomie (university catering and dining)
Tel: +49 211 81-13325

Financial Aid

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), located in Bonn, provides information on financial issues concerning all foreign students.

German Academic Exchange Service
Kennedyallee 50
53175 Bonn

Students with Children

Düsseldorf Student Services run four daycare centers: “Abenteuerland”, “Grashüpfer” and “Kleine Strolche” in Düsseldorf, and “Campus-Zwerge” in Mönchengladbach. Altogether 185 children in 11 age-mixed groups can be cared for by specially trained daycare teachers. The “Grashüpfer” center is the first daycare center under German Student Services administration to have an integration group (accepting children with and without disabilities) and one of the first daycare centers in Düsseldorf that accepts children with disabilities when they are younger than three years of age.

Kindertagesstätte „Abenteuerland” (daycare center “Abenteuerland”)
Tel: +49 211 7599329

Kindertagesstätte „Campus-Zwerge” (daycare center “Campus-Zwerge”)
Tel: +49 2161 6883972

Kindertagesstätte „Grashüpfer” (daycare center “Grashüpfer”)
Tel: +49 211 8114104

Kindertagesstätte „Kleine Strolche” (daycare center “Kleine Strolche”)
Tel: +49 211 3368250

Counseling and Social Services

The Social Services office can give you information about social benefits offered through Student Services. Social Services are responsible for providing personal counseling in stressful periods of life and the office is the first address for questions and problems regarding your studies. Any divulged information is, of course, treated in confidence.

The work essentially concentrates on the following main topics:

  • Care of children/Daycare centers
  • Counseling and support in emergency financial situations
  • Assistance for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses
  • Psychological support
  • Counseling in social welfare legal issues
  • Assistance for foreigners studying in Germany
  • Counseling for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses
  • Guidance for financial planning of studies

Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Student Services)
Soziale Dienste (social services)
Tel: +49 211 81-15341

Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Student Services)

Universitätsstraße 1
D-40225 Düsseldorf
Tel: +49 211 81-15777
Fax: +49 211 81-15778

Director: Frank Zehetner