Objectives of the Team

The Student Services in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia have formed a team in order to join forces. This team is called: “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Studierendenwerke NRW” (NRW Student Services Team).

The function of the team is to support the activities of its members through concerted action. The team’s duties especially include:

  • Formulation of common goals and concepts for further development of the Student Services
  • Exchange of experience and organization of training sessions
  • Representation of Student Services’ common interests in the state of NRW
  • Organization and coordination of common duties
  • Development of joint public relations and continual public presence
  • Coordination of positions among the Student Services with regard to the parent organization DSW
  • Development of common standards

The team is committed to addressing the financial and social needs of students and, together with the universities, would like to positively shape conditions for students at the respective locations.

An important contribution to the teamwork is provided by groups of specialists or workers in specific fields. These groups solve problems within their various specialties as well as look for possible ways to share experience and synergize with groups from other fields. There are work groups for the fields of university catering and dining services, purchasing cooperation, construction and housing, student financing, childcare, accounting, human resources, data protection, IT and data security.

Contact to Team







Dr. Christoph Holtwisch
Spokesperson for NRW Student Services







Dr. Insa Deeken
deputy spokesperson

Olaf Kroll







Olaf Kroll, M.A.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Studierendenwerke NRW
c/o Kölner Studierendenwerk
Universitätsstr. 16
50937 Köln

Tel: +49 221-94265103
E-Mail Olaf Kroll: arge@studierendenwerke-nrw.de