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Bielefeld Student Services – unique in their diverse range of activities: Housing for students, university dining facilities, student financial aid through government grants and loans (BAföG), daycare facilities for students’ children

Student Housing

Altogether Student Services maintain housing for 2,614 students in residences at or near the University of Bielefeld as well as in Minden and Detmold. Of these, housing for 743 are rented from or administered by private owners.

The single rooms, full apartments and shared 2-5-room suites/apartments with Internet access are located either in direct proximity to the University or in the city center.

Need help in finding private accommodation?

Studierendenwerk Bielefeld (Bielefeld Student Services)
Studentisches Wohnen (student housing)
Tel: +49 521 106-88 645

Dining Facilities

Dining hall in building X (University) with an assortment of warm courses and a large salad bar; “Cafeteria Westend with interesting alternatives to dining room food and a large array of snacks and refreshments for in-between; restaurant and bistro on the University campus; dining halls/cafeterias at all University of Applied Sciences locations in Bielefeld, Detmold, Höxter, Lemgo, and Minden.

Studierendenwerk Bielefeld (Bielefeld Student Services)
Hochschulgastronomie (university catering and dining)
Tel: + 49 521 106-88 600

Financial Aid

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), located in Bonn, provides information on financial issues concerning all foreign students.
German Academic Exchange Service
Kennedyallee 50
53175 Bonn

Students with Children

Bielefeld Student Services run two daycare centers: the “Uni-Kita” for 80 children and the “Kita am Voltmannshof” for 60. The children, aged 4 months to 6 years/school entrance age, are cared for in age-mixed groups. In addition, there is the nursery school, “Kinderzimmer”, where up to 10 children aged 5 months to 3 years can be accepted under the care of qualified caregivers. All of the childcare centers are located in close proximity to the University of Bielefeld.

Students with children profit additionally from free meals for children, which can be procured by showing a special ID in the Student Services dining hall.

Studierendenwerk Bielefeld (Bielefeld Student Services)
Tel: +49 521 106-88 606

Counseling and Social Services

Processing student accident reports

Other Services

Studierendenwerk Bielefeld (Bielefeld Student Services)

Morgenbreede 2-4, D-33615 Bielefeld
Postfach 10 27 53, D-33527 Bielefeld
Tel: +49 521 106-88 600
Fax: +49 521 106-88 601

Director: Dr. Jens Schröder