The German Student Services are responsible for providing social, financial and cultural support services to students. Growing out of student self-help groups, today the Student Services are organized under state jurisdiction and almost all have become public institutions.
In North Rhine-Westphalia the Student Services have been organized since 1974 as independent public institutions with the right to self-administration.

A judicial statute from September 16, 2014 (GV.NRW 2014, page 547) governing the Student Services in North Rhine-Westphalia sets out the duties and local responsibilities of the Student Services for the individual universities.

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Financing and Performance Data

The Student Services in NRW are social service companies. Financial management and accountancy must comply with commercial principles.

The importance of the Student Services, employing almost 5000 workers, also as a significant economic factor for NRW, can be seen, for example, in the contract volume for 2016, which totaled €207 million.

The comparatively inexpensive prices for services are possible due to students’ semester fees, self-generated revenue as well as state subsidies to set off the running costs of operation.

Local Jurisdiction

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